What Is Kuponsa Life?

Kuponsa is a brand new mobile application that gives the second product or service for free to its users who purchase the first one from our member businesses. For the first time in Turkey, Kuponsa provides Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers valid in Hotel, Restaurant & Cafe, Spa & Beauty, Leisure & Fun categories.

Kuponsa is used by purchasing membership packages valid for 12 months. Gold package includes all categories, while Silver package covers the categories except Hotel. Throughout the year, users can use their coupons whenever they want in their preferred businesses, by taking the coupon details into consideration.

Kuponsa Life is the corporate version of Kuponsa. In addition to all advantages provided by Kuponsa, it also offers extra advantages exclusive to Kuponsa Life. Kuponsa Life is a unique platform that you can use both for your employees and your customers.


Attract skillful employees

You can attract skillful employees with an innovative reward system that separates you from other companies.


Reduce your HR costs

You can decrease the rate of new job search of your employees by forming strong bonds with them and increasing their loyalties.


Reward good performance

You can show your appreciation to them by rewarding their good performance.

For detailed information you can watch "How Does It Work?" video    How Does It Work?

Engage Your Employees

Today, equivalent of work is not just about the salary. Your employees also want to be appreciated for their good performances.

Kuponsa Life, as a new generation platform in employee rewards, enables you to easily offer many advantages together to your employees.

It contributes to the creation of corporate culture and a productive company full of happy employees.

You can give an innovative and valuable reward to your employees with Kuponsa Life. While guiding your employees to discover new places, Kuponsa application also helps them to save money and inspires them to improve their experiences outside of work.

Engage Your Customers

Customers do not only seek to receive a good product or service when they choose a brand. Small but valuable gifts also play an important role in their decisions.

With Kuponsa Life, you can give unique gifts to your customers which they can use to enjoy life and the city while saving money, and you can turn them into loyal customers of your brand.

Gain more customers

You can separate yourself from your competitors and add value to your brand by giving valuable gifts to your customers with Kuponsa Life.

Impress your current customers

You become a part of the daily lives of your customers by giving them advantages that they can use every day.

Make your customers loyal

Achieving customer loyalty is as important as gaining new customers. Kuponsa Life helps you to do this with its exclusive advantages.


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Give this unique application full of new experiences to your employees and customers. You can contact us for more information about Kuponsa Life and advantageous membership conditions. Our customer representatives will answer all your questions. We will be happy to see you on our platform.